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Lady Djs began in 2001 as a collective, production company and online support platform for fellow female djs in a primarily male dominated industry. While founder, Christalyn Concha knew that the djing is not gender specific, she did want to unite together other women who shared the same passion for dance music in an open, non-competitive environment. LadyDjs has been dedicated to producing such events throughout New Mexico, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos since.

"Back in 2001 there was just a handful of females in Albuquerque, and I wanted to show support for one another in our paths."

She continues, "LadyDjs was never intended to alienate males, but rather show support to a minority, and work with both male and females that were open to the exchange of information, and interested in building community."

When Concha relocated to Taos in 2003, she was the only LadyDj in the area, and that held true for many years, up until the past few years. Taos has seen an explosion of growth, with new residents transplanting from larger Urban Areas, and consequently the music and Electronic music culture has grown exponentially since 2014. There's at least a handful of LadyDjs in Taos now, and with all the new technology available to Djs, it has become a much more accessible expression.

With the opening of The BassMint in 2006 July, Concha and her husband Ryan Leon began teaching youth and young adults Djing, Music Production, and Event Production. And teamed up with Taos Academy STEM Arts Program, with over twelve graduates to date, and several being young ladies. While Concha is consistent in cultivating all-inclusive community events, she also finds it important to nurture women, and unite together the blossoming ladydjs in Taos and beyond on a regular basis.


As a production company, LadyDjs has produced or co-hosted events that brought names such as Ben Watt, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Heather, Tortured Soul, Woody McBride, Dayhota, Justin Long, Ra-Soul, Roy Davis Jr., Keith MacKenzie,  King Britt, The Scumfrog, Spettro, Demarkus Lewis, and Lady D. With consistent monthly events, Festivals, and one-off shows including Sundaze, Release, Genesis, Levitate, Ignite, Elevate, Raise, Rise, Lift, Garden, Shine, Re-Union Festival, Ollin Festival, Manifestival, Regeneration Festival, Sister Winds Festival, House of God, Temple of Praise, Covenant, Luminous, Restoration, Dance Church, and most recently Sanctuary.

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